Thursday, 25 March 2010

I WILL finish this novel!

I'm working on this novel, a romance. It's going down well with my trusty victims - er - guinea pigs. These include a workshop that's part of the Tunbridge Wells and District Writers Circle, a group of people on an online writing critique site, and some non writing readers. I've had good feedback from all three groups, constructive comments, encouraging noises.

I've never written a romance before, and it's not as easy as some people think. It's slow going, getting it exactly right so you engage the readers and make them love your characters without making them sick. And it's even slower going when you have to keep stopping.

Why do I have to keep stopping?

Well, for reasons that are good, to be honest, and reasons I shouldn't complain about. Such as, "Will you write a play for us, please?" and "We're going to need a pantomime for next Christmas, could you write us one?" And "I need three short sketches".

Great, great reasons.

Butu I'm perverse. I WANT to write the plays and the pantomime and the sketches. I WANT people asking me to do it, and I relish the deadlines.

But I also want to finish the novel. I've never completely finished a final draft of one before and I want that sense of achievement that I know will come from doing it.

So, anyone know - how can I either increase the number of hours in a day, or learn how to do without sleep for a few years?

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