Friday, 26 March 2010

Another new day, another chance to write my novel.

Well, that's the theory.

The alarm goes off, the day begins, and my plans are all before me. I'm going to do a minimum of one thousand words today. It's going to be great.

Only, the house needs cleaning. Not spring cleaning, like THAT's gonna happen! Just ordinary, tidy and hygienic cleaning. Just "I-know-I-put-that-somewhere-and-if-I-could-find-the-floor-under-this-junk-I'd-probably-be-able-to-see-it" clean. The kind of cleaning I wish I could put off, but if I do someone important will call and I'll be embarrassed.

So I spend an hour or more cleaning.

Right, that's done. Now, to writing.

I make the mistake of checking my emails. Things need attending to. Answers are required. Research needed. Yes, I'll meet this person and deliver that to so-and-so.

Another hour goes by.

I did promise to write on the World In Need blog today to make up for being sick on Tuesday and not doing it then. ( The subject, HIV/AIDS and its effect on women in Africa requires research and care. But I do it. All together, two hours have flown by in pursuit of this.

Next on my list: Writing my novel.

The dog looks at me with her big, brown eyes and wags her tail, helping sweep the floor. It's stopped raining and she'd like to go for a walk please. *Sigh*

An hour and a half later, dog walked, pressing problems dealt with, lunch (not altogether healthy) eaten, I sit at the computer. I pull up the story of Rafe and Ellie and start to immerse myself in their events, happenings and feelings. I'm feeling good. I can visualise what I want to happen to them. If the words come easy, I may write more than a thousand today.

I write the first two words: Chapter Ten.

The phone goes. AAAARRGGGHHH!

I should know better than to answer it. I DO know better than to answer it. I'm working. I'm not available.

What is it about a ringing phone that we can't ignore?

My daughter needs me to pick up my grandchildren from school and look after them while she takes her sick dog to the vet. How can I refuse?

It's fun being with the children. We laugh, we play, we sing silly songs. I am exhausted.

I come home. It's dinner time. The day ends.

There's always tomorrow.

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