Monday, 29 March 2010

Another day bites the dust!

It started off well enough. And then I got out of bed!

Seriously, it hasn't been a bad day. I did a lot of things. I...

received a chatty letter from an old friend and spent the morning answering it, managing about half the letter I plan to write. (It's a long letter.)

planned the next chapter of my romance in detail and it's now ready to write, although I haven't actually written any of the body of it yet.

accepted an invitation to go and see Bridget Christie, who is, apparently, very funny. Should be a good night out, not least because it's a chance to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in ages.

found some pictures of my trip to Kenya last year and wallowed in good memories.

did a little bit of spring cleaning. At the rate I am going, it'll be finished in time for Spring 2012, but it's a bit nearer.

So why do I feel as if I haven't achieved anything?

Probably because none of the above are finished. There's a lot to be said for one thing at a time. Finish it and move on to the next. Trouble is, the yucky jobs (like Spring cleaning) will always be two things away from the top of the pile and won't get done. And besides, they seem much less daunting if you can do them in increments.

But then it takes longer to reach the point of finishing on anything.

Ho hum. I suppose no-one promised me life would have a perfect answer.

And I did get a letter half written and a chapter completely planned.

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