Friday, 18 November 2011

Busy, busy, busy

It's been a hectic couple of months, but well worth it. I've finished and sold the stage version of "Barabbas", and that will be published in 2012 by Eldridge Publishing (

The pantomime, "Ahmed and his Mummy" is to be performed in Crowborough in January 2012 and rehearsals are underway. I stand in awe of the talent on display, and am really gratified at the fun and laughter that comes out of the rehearsal room each week.

The pantomime "Sinbad the Sailor" is half done and has been put on hold so I can finish the screenplay version of "Barabbas". I find I can't work on two things at once, and of the two, "Barabbas" was the more pressing. Sinbad will be finished soon.

On top of all this, life goes on. My son, who has recently lost a staggering 170 pounds in weight, is taking part in his first ever football tournament on Sunday, so guess where I will be, wrapped in scarves and woolly hats and cheering for him? The same way I frequently stand and cheer my grandsons at their matches.

Then I am working to advertise the World In Need "Alternative Christmas Gifts", whereby you buy a gift for someone in the developing world, in the name of someone you love here. This is work I am passionate about, so I always make time for it.

Plus, Christmas is coming, pressies need wrapping, cards need writing, shopping needs doing, and time is a marching on. How come 25th December always sneaks up and finds me unawares?

Today, though, I took time out of my schedule, to speak to the children in Year 6 at St Mary's Catholic School in Crowborough. They wanted to know about writing, and I was honoured to tell them about my writing day and routine. I hope they got as much out of it as I did.

This afternoon, after the school trip and then a walk on the forest with the dog (anything to procrastinate), I wrote the crucifixion scenes in "Barabbas". Now I am exhausted and need a lie down.


Kitty's Blogspace said...

Congratulations Hil, that is awesome! XD

Hilary said...

Thank you Kitty,

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